QD China
  • About US

    Quantum Design is a world-renowned scientific instrument manufacture. A series of magnetic measurement systems and physical property measurement systems developed and produced by Quantum Design have become the world-recognized and top-level measurement platforms, widely distributed in almost all the sophisticated laboratories around the world in research fields of materials, physics, chemistry, nano technology and so on. Quantum Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Quantum Design China), founded in 2004, is one of the most important subsidiaries established around the world by Quantum Design International, Inc. While fully responsible for the sales and after-sales technical support in China of the products from Quantum Design International, Quantum Design China is also actively committed to working closely with manufacturers of advanced scientific instruments in the physical, chemical, and biological fields worldwide to help the Chinese market to import more excellent instruments and technologies around the world, promoting the development of Chinese scientists’s reaserch.

  • Our Philosophy

    The long-term goal of Quantum Design China is to become an important bridgehead for the exchange of advanced technologies and instruments between China and the world. Over the past more than ten years, Quantum Design China has always remained a positive, enterprising, unremitting and improving attitude, promoting China’s scientific development, providing Chinese scientists with better science and technology support. As Chinese scientific status in the world becomes more and more significant, Quantum Design China will continue to hold the spirit of “For Scientist, By Scientist”, promoting the development and flourishment of China's science and technology on the world stage.

  • Our Team

    Quantum Design China has a team with strong technical background and professional work style, and is committed to cultivating and introducing more doctoral, professional and technical personnel. At present, more than 60% of the business team are highly educated professionals. The continuous addition of high-level personnels and the ever-closer teamwork have helped Quantum Design China to achieve continuous sales growth for several years.

  • Our Services

    Quantum Design China has a complete localized pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system. There is a spare parts store worth more than 500,000 USD in China to accelerate the response speed of after-sales service. Meanwhile, there is also a prototype laboratory worth more than 3 million USD to support customers to experience the instruments and have a further understanding. “Not only providing first-class products, but also providing first-class after-sales services” will be a significant feature of Quantum Design China, which is distinguished from other scientific instrument manufactures, and is becoming an important reason for more and more scientists choosing Quantum Design China.

QD China Demo Laboratory

Quantum Design China is committed to providing Chinese scientists with professional support and services. It costs more than 3 million USD for Quantum Design China to establish the demo laboratory to support customers to experience the instruments. Demos in QD China demo laboratory include Physical Property Measurement System PPMS® DynaCool™, Low Voltage Benchtop Electron Microscopy LVEM5, Montana Ultrafine Cryogenic MICROREVEAL™ RAMAN System, Non-contact Submicron-Resolution Synchronous IR and Raman Measurement System mIRage™, Ultra-high Resolution Near-field Optical Microscope neaSNOM, Small-sized Desktop Maskless Photolithography Machine MicroWriter ML3, Metal Nano Colloid/Particles Preparation Instrument, Hyperspectral Imaging System, Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency Evaluation System for Small Modules Mini-PEM and so on.

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